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Just another day to go on the island hopping in Krabi. Heading out on a cruise to some of the stunning beaches on this island off along the Andaman coast. The fine white sand, warm clear water and lush tropical greenery spilling onto the shore, it provides a dramatic backdrop to the sites.

Poda Island


Poda Island (known as Koh Poda) is a one-kilometer long sandy beach shady with rows of pines trees. It is located 8 kilometers away from Ao Nang Beach and can be accessible by longtail boats. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes to get there. A coral reef lies 20 meters offshore, and the combination of scenery, beaches and perfect snorkeling spot make it the favourite place for tourists.

Tips: It is advisable to come here during rainy season, which is the off-peak period. It will be quieter, cheaper and can feel like on a deserted tropical island. Accommodations are available but expensive.




Chicken Island


Chicken Island was known as Koh Hua Khawan or Koh Poda Nok. This island got its name from a bizarre rock formation which resembles the head of the rooster. The island consists of steep cliffs, while the other side has beautiful beaches along its peninsula.

Tips: There is no accommodation available in the island

Tup Island


Mu Koh Poda or Poda Group Islands consist of Koh Poda, Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Tap. When the water level gets low, Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Tap, the three isles will reveal an amazing sight of white, fine bar that links them together. Divers and snorkelers can explore beneath the sea with colourful coral reefs and amazing marine life.







Railay Beach also frequently known as Rai Leh or Rai Lay, is a small peninsula just south of the town of Ao Nang, Krabi. It is connected to Krabi’s mainland but cut off by limestone cliffs from all roads and the town. It is isolated from the mainland, therefore there is absolutely absence of cars and roads. The area is famous for rock climbing and stunning limestone rocks.













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