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Hosteling International (HI-Hostels) offer a real hostel experience and can be found in 80 countries. It is popular in the European countries, U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  The type of rooms available can be range from private rooms to dorm bed with shared facilities.

While on a trip to Phuket, Thailand for a holiday in 2014, HI- hostels become my choice of my accommodation named Karon Living Room. The accommodation is located just 30 minutes ride from Phuket International Airport, 15 minutes walk to the beach, 10 minutes drive to Patong beach and outside is filled with cafes, mini-bars, restaurants and street market.

Here’s are the five reasons why I choose to stay with Hostel International:

Simply Affordable

The price for a dorm bed or private room was not expensive. On my Phuket trip, I had chosen a private room which cost me only €18.34 (700 baht) per night. It has a private bathroom, balcony and television. And if you want to stay in its dormitory, you will only need to pay €7.60 (290 baht) per night.

In my opinion and what I had seen on the website, most of its hostels would not cost you much higher than other budget hotels in its region.

Mingle Around

The hostels provide basic facilities such as TV room, common area and library/ book exchange so guests can relax, chat, play games and make new friends from other parts of the world. Some of its hostels even have a kitchen for the guests to do their own cooking and share their food using their own recipes with other guests.

Hostel Rating

The hostels had rated overall satisfactory in term of cleanliness, staff, location, security, service and comfort. I was impressed on how helpful its staff was. On my third day of the trip, I was actually stranded in Phi-Phi Island due to heavy rain and strong waves and could not return on the day itself. Once arrive back the next day afternoon, I decided to reschedule my trip plan and thankfully the Thai staff was able to contact my travel agent to re-plan my trip for the next few days.

The location is mostly situated near the tourist attraction, easy for tourists to get around. The staff also maintain the cleanliness of the premise and clean on daily basis in the common area and guest rooms.

Other guests would said the same for themselves based on their stay experience and mostly rated 8 and above out of 10 points. You can look at the reviews from other previous guests.

In-Hostel Services

The hostels will provide different basic services depending on where you stay and make it as hassle-free as possible for the comfort and convenience of guests. You can rent a bicycle to get around the neighborhood and do your laundry with washing machine with a small fee. Baggage storage space is available for early guest arrival. Most staff are happy to assist their guests to arrange local tours with the local travel agents.

Membership Discounts

Not only you will receive 10% discount on its accommodation, there are many benefits added for the cardholders, You will be entitled to other discounts on attractions’ entrance fees, car rental companies, Greyhound Australia express bus tickets and city tours in Europe.

Karon Living Room, Phuket

For more information, log on to Hosteling International and check out on the availability of hostel at your next travel destination. You can directly sign up for the membership at the hostel to enjoy 10% off of your stay and find out if there are any other discounts.

Happy Traveling.

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