Travel Tips for Your Vacation

I believe many of you out there have decided where to travel. Or at least start planning for your next vacation this year. But for those who have no idea where to go and have budget restraint, there’s still time and sure will find a way to work something out.

Yes, traveling can be very expensive, especially if you go anywhere at the last minute or during special festival seasons. Don’t just dream of going to a destination, but do make it into a reality.

During my 6-years of solo travel experience, I always keep within my budget and make sure I do not overspend my money or use my credit cards (although I did bring extra cash and cards just in case of emergency only). Each trip is around 8-9 days and only spend around USD $750. This includes airfare, accommodation, meals, transportation, local guide and entrance fees.

Here are 8 Travel Tips that will help you save up and prepare for your new adventure:

Tip No. 1: Choose a Cheap Airfare. Look into different airline companies that will take you to your dream destination. Go to those airline websites to see if they run any special promotions during off-peak season or sign up for their newsletters, so you are notified of their ongoing offers. Skyscanner [1] will be another option to search for cheaper air ticket which is sold by third-party agents. Remember, flight ticket consists a huge chunk of your travel cost, so make sure you compare the prices before making a booking.

Tip No. 2: Search for Discounted/ Affordable Accommodation. My most favorite way to travel, live and meet the local people is by staying at Airbnb [2]. It is a great opportunity to learn their culture, customs and try the local food (see full story). You can get a private room at an average cost of USD $40 per night in most city areas, which I find it reasonable.

Hotels or resorts always have promotional rates during the off-peak season, early-bird bookings and last-minute bookings. You can search for offers through their official websites, [3], [4] and Hostelworld [5].

Tip No. 3: Plan your own travel. Do your own homework by researching on your dream destination, attractions, history, culture and lifestyle. Use the Internet as one of the tools to learn and get a better understanding of your destination. Look into some tourist sites and activities that draw your interests. Some tourist attractions offer discounted rates if entrance tickets are purchased online. It also will help you adapt to its culture and avoid culture shock.

Tip No. 4: Mode of Transportation. It is important to choose how to move around and the costs in a travel destination. It is best and cheaper to take train or boat where the roads are always congested such places like Bangkok and Hong Kong. Whereas it is better to hire a car and a driver to get you around towns or remote areas like Phuket and outskirt of Australian cities.

Tip No. 5: Eat healthy, Live healthy. Always have a healthy and balanced diet by eating more vegetables and fruits and less fatty meats and junk foods. Quit on smoking habit and consume less alcohol. Hit the gym, go for a jog or play other sports activities on a regular basis. Living a healthier lifestyle means getting less sick, symptoms or diseases which will save you a lot of money from your medical expenses.

Tip No. 6: Challenge yourself to a 12-months saving mode. Start saving for the trip and slowly accumulating the money. You can open a bank account and only use the money for travel expenses only. Give a name for the account such as “Trip Saver Account”. Average out the amount of money you wish to spend on your trip and bank into “Trip Saver Account” at the beginning or end of each month. By the end of the 12-months period, you are on your way to your dream destination.

Tip No. 7: Stop partying. Not that you can’t go to any parties after all, just cut down on the number. Going or throwing a party will cause you hundreds of dollars each person for alcohol, cocktails, food and fancy clothing (if you get a new one). You will end up digging deeper into your pockets each month to buy other necessities.

Tip No. 8: Spend less on luxury. Avoid the habit of buying the most trendy, branded or expensive watches, clothes, shoes or handbags. If traveling has become one of your top ‘priority’ of your life, you might want to rethink and consider spending on luxury goods. Because by the end of each month, you will be emptying your pockets quickly and end up spending more time to repay your bank debts.

I hope this travel tips will help to plan well and save up for your upcoming vacation. You can enjoy your holiday with a piece of mind without worry too much financially. Feel free to share or drop a comment.

Happy Traveling!!


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