How ‘Travel Solo’ Transform My Life

Traveling alone is one of the greatest gifts like no others.

I find people like me who love to travel alone have somethings in common: seeking for our own new adventure and love to spend some “ME” time. Others think that we are just a sad, bored and lonely person. Well, this is who we are.

At nearly 23 years old after completing my degree in Australia, it is time to kick my stress away, take some time off and go on a road trip. I have saved some money, decide to take on a join-in road trip and head south of Western Australia from Perth.

You do not have to travel far away or overseas to experience the benefits of solo travel. During my university break and back in Malaysia, I often travel alone to the heritage sites of Penang for a short holiday. While studying in Perth, I also love to take a ferry, coach and train to nearby town and explore the city wonders.

After decided to return to my home country, I continue to visit other countries like Thailand, Hong Kong and China. By gaining these travel experiences, it taught me to be prepared to go beyond my own comfort zone, stay positive and be an open-minded person regardless of where I am visiting.

Of course, it has never been easy for me at the start. But as time passed, solo traveling helps me to grow in different ways in person. It helps me to discover many potentials and what I am capable of.

It taught me how to become more independent. Think of it. I have been living with my parents since my early childhood to schooling days. Meals are always ready during breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also take me to school when I was at primary and secondary school. I was highly depending on them.

On another hand, traveling on our own will be a completely different story. You need to rely upon and prepare yourself by coming out with a ‘great’ plan, directions, instructions and put yourself in a situation where you are not familiar with and communicating with people who do not understand our language. However, the best part is you have a total freedom and the hard work paid off. I get to do what I like, eat whatever I love and discover as many places as possible.

Which now bring us to my next point. Solo traveling teaches me how to make quick decisions during difficult times. Let’s not forget, our holiday does not always go as planned due to unpredictable circumstances.

Stranded on Phi-Phi Island during a heavy downpour. Miscommunication with the pickup driver in Phuket. Get lost in the busy street of Guangzhou. Hop on a train heading in the wrong direction in Hong Kong MRT train. Caught in a train technical issues while on the way to Bangkok Airport. Just to name a few.

Sure, many of you have practically gone through one of this similar situation like me. As for myself, I find it challenging but helps me grow to become a good problem solver. Solely on my own, a solution has to be made and resolve quickly within minutes or even within seconds.

Solo traveling also helps to boost my confidence level. After some years of backpacking alone, I feel less fearful, able to engage with the crowd and more sociable with strangers in cafes, street markets and on day trips. All it needs is a small talk and eventually create a long and interesting conservation. Sharing with others makes you more knowledgeable about a topic.

If this is your first time traveling solo, plan your trip, hit the road and never look back. Let the world amaze you in many different ways with many wonderful people, nature and culture. Always trust your own instincts, ready to get out of the comfort zone and enjoy every second of your solo traveling.


Happy Traveling!!


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