Changi Airport

On my recent trip to Singapore on December 2019, I visited Changi Airport before taking my flight back to Kuala Lumpur. This airport is one of the largest transportation and transit hub in the Asia region, which help travelers connect to over 400 destinations around the world.

This airport has become an attraction on its own, consists of four terminals and a massive shopping mall called Jewel Changi. It serves around 70 million passengers per year, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. It comes as no surprise by earning the title for World’s Best Airport for seven consecutive years since 2013.

Changi Airport is not just an ordinary airport like any other. The airport is so huge that it has its own shopping mall here. It is filled with hundreds of retail outlets, restaurants, and fun activities to keep you entertained while waiting for your departure. You may take hours to explore the entire place.

Travel Tips

Before you start wandering around the airport, you can make an early check-in at the counters provided in each terminal. You can deposit your check-in baggage and print out your boarding pass in advance at their automated machines provided. This allows you to walk around hassle-free or avoid losing your personal belongings.

It is also very easy to clear the custom with the use of its state-of-the-art technology. Regardless if you are a Singaporean or foreigner, you can use the automated custom clearance machine and be done within 30 seconds which help to reduce the time for queuing.

Jewel Changi

If you are going to visit Singapore or make a stopover anytime soon, make sure that you plan ahead to see the most out of the trip. Jewel Changi, in short named Jewel is a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex surrounded by terraced forest settings.

Rain Vortex

Marvel the beautiful Rain Vortex, the largest and tallest indoor waterfall standing 40 meter high with 37,850 liters of rain water will flow down to the basement-level pool every minute.

Canopy Park

This 14,000 sq meter Canopy Park is situated at the highest level of Jewel that has recreation and leisure attractions, including Topiary Walk and Petal Garden. There is also a suspension bridge called Canopy Bridge located 23 meters above the ground which offers a panoramic view of the vortex.

Hedge Maze

This Hedge Maze is the city’s largest hedge walls with the height of 1.8 meters tall. Inside the maze features gates that can be pushed within that will change the path of the maze and an elevated watch tower that gives a bird’s eye view of the whole maze.

Sky Nets

Foggy Bowls

Entrance fees apply for the Canopy Walk ($4.50 for Singaporean and $5 for foreign visitors) and price between $11 to $15 for Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Sky Nets and Discovery Studios. You can also purchase a bundle package which cost $55 (Prices as at end of 2019).

Terminal 1

Catch the amazing Kinetic Rain formed by 1,216 bronze droplets. Located near the fast check-in counters in the public area. Each sculpture creates 16 different shapes of abstracts including an airplane, hot air balloon and dragon.

Terminal 2

Still have spare time in the airport? Why not take the Skytrain from Terminal 1 or 3 to walk around at Terminal 2. There is the Enchanted Garden and outdoor Sunflower Garden at the transit area.

This garden displays four giant glass bouquet sculptures decorated with a mosaic of reflective stained glass. A variety of freshly-cut flowers and soft ferns are nestled within it.

Scroll through the Sunflower nursery, outside and away from the hustle and bustle of the transit area. You can also take an awesome view of Changi airport runway, planes taking off and aircraft parking bays from this quiet rooftop heaven.


I have spent 4-5 hours in Changi Airport to visit the attractive places and honestly within those couple of hours was not enough to get you through the entire area. If you ask me to revisit this airport in the near future, I would definitely say “YES”.

What’s more? With the upcoming Terminal 5 to be ready by 2030s, it might get more exciting stuff to do and see. The terminal structure was planned to be built to equivalent to Terminal 1, 2 and 3 combined 😮 !

Just A Heads-Up

Transit passengers are allowed to get out of the transit hall to visit Jewel Changi. It is advisable to give yourself at least 5 hours to explore Jewel and there are baggage storage facilities provided for travelers.

And most importantly, DO NOT misuse your boarding pass at the transit areas with the intention to stay beyond 24 hours just to make full use of their facilities or not intend to proceed to their next destinations. It will result to prosecution and jail, a fine of $1,000, or both if convicted.

Planning a trip to Singapore?

If you are planning to visit Singapore any time soon, you can check out my posts for the exciting stuff to do in Singapore.

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