Take a step back to visit some of the best architecture in Kalgoorlie during the mad gold rush era. Home of the Golden Mile with the richest square mile of gold-bearing earth in the world, this town triggered a boom for more than 60 years in Western Australia’s economy.

The population of the town increased as thousands of men made their way here to find their fortunei on the gold fields. With the influx of single men there, there were at least 25 brothels set up along Hay Street area. However, only three surviving brothels remain today and open their doors for usual businesses at night and welcome visitors to take part in a brothel tour by day to learn about its history.

Getting There

The best and most convenient way to get to Kalgoorlie is to take a train. Prospector Train will depart daily from East Perth City to Kalgoorlie and the journey takes about 7 hours. This memorable ride takes you through the amazing outback of Western Australia as the train passes through small towns, desert, and wild forests (Click here for details for the timetable and ticket booking).

Getting Around

Getting around Kalgoorlie can be a little bit of hassle, especially without your own vehicle. Public transportation is very limited and t bus service only operates until the evening. So, it is advisable to check on the bus schedule and plan ahead for the day. It is also very hard to get a cab in Kalgoorlie and is quite expensive even if you are riding for a short distance.

The Best Things to do for 3 days in Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Touring Kalgoorlie Town

Walking down the main street of Kalgoorlie now is like taking a trip down a memory lane. What you see today has not changed much since the early 1900s.

The Kalgoorlie Goldfields Visitor Centre is located within the walls of the Town Hall built in 1908. A tribute statue of Paddy Hannan sits outside the building to welcome old and new visitors to this historical town.

Enter to the visitor center and get some information about the history of the town. The friendly staff can help to arrange accommodation, local tours, and transportation for bus and train. You can also find some souvenirs, gold jewelry, and a range of local products in this gift shop.

Other great examples of old architecture include the City Markets (1901), Government Buildings (1899), the Exchange Hotel and Kalgoorlie Miner Building (1900). The WA Museum Kalgoorlie-Boulder and Mining Hall of Fame located at the far end of Hannan Street showcase the history of mining past and present with interactive displays, underground tours, galleries that house precious minerals and artwork, and the heritage precinct.

Kalgoorlie Super Pit

Take a guided tour on the KCGM Super-Pit tour and view the enormous gouge that carves into the red earth. These massive trucks the size of houses carry hundreds of tons of rock in the hope to extract a few ounces of gold at a time. You will get a close look at how the gold is extracted in the factory.

You can take the 75-minutes Underground Adventure Tour at the Super Pit. It starts off by descending 72 meters below the surface through a narrow stairway in a dark and confined conditions. Encounter firsthand in the working condition of the 19th century, miners had to crawl their way through areas of the mine by hands and knees into an original ore drive to extract these precious minerals.

Burt Street

Burt Street at Boulder has one of my favorite stores, the Little Boulder Sweet Shop that sells a variety of candies. Other attractions in the area include the Palace Theatre (1930), The Court Hotel (1900), Boulder Town Hall, Goldfield War Museum, “Super-Pit” retail outlet and Pharmacy Museum.

Little Boulder Sweet Shop

Back in 20 April 2010 at 8.20 am, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 has struck the town with minor injuries sustained by the locals. However, the iconic buildings in Burt Street suffered heavy damage from the earthquake and aftershocks. These structures had since been under restoration, using funds that are raised by the community, and the Local and State governments.

The Miners Monument can be found at the heart of Boulder’s main street. This proud statue was used to pay tribute to the miners- past, present and future and to remind the citizen the blood, sweat, and tears they had shed for a golden dream.

Hammond Park

Explore Hammond Park in the evening that is surrounded by a large open grassed area. You can spot some native animals roaming freely around the park. There is a miniature castle built with local rocks and gems, a children’s play equipment and free barbeque facilities here.

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