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It is only a few days before your new adventure is going to begin. Most probably you will have a lot on your mind right now, thinking what necessities you should bring along. It will be a great idea to get a piece of paper and prepare a checklist.

If this is your first time going on an epic adventure, either solo or with a partner, that’s GREAT! This topic is called ‘Backpacking 100’ and I will cover the list of important items to carry.  Is all about the basics.

I also write this article to those travelers who frequently travel, help to make sure nothing has missed out and able to travel as hassle-free as possible.

So, let’s get prep and start.


Travel Documents

Passport is your gateway to travel out of your own country and is the most important travel document. Do check if the passport is valid for more than 6 months before making any trip bookings.

Other documents include flight and train tickets, hotel confirmation bookings and tour confirmation vouchers. I prefer to use my mobile apps and Samsung Galaxy Tab A to store my e-tickets and e-vouchers. I do not need to use any printing papers and also is environment-friendly.


Backpack is my favorite choice over trolley bags or suitcases. It is light-weight, easy to carry, and do not need to drag it along the road or the stairs. The backpack I bought is Sportztrek Viva 70L that is enough space to put my stuff up to two weeks.

Look for shops that specialize in selling backpacks or traveling gears. Do ask the staff for some advice before deciding which type of backpack suits according to your needs, the weight and size you are comfortable with.


A camera is a MUST when I travel to any destination. A journey is made without meaning if no photos were taken as travel memory. Unlike any camera which is big and with complex features, I choose Canon Ixus 310HS that can take clear, night and multiple-shoot photos as well as for zoom-in and zoom-out and video-taking.

It is easy-to-carry and more affordable compared to other Canon cameras. This way, I can take thousands of photos and share the best pictures with my family, friends and other travelers via Facebook, Instagram and my blog.


Remember to check which season will be visiting and bring proper clothing. If I travel more than a week, I will also look for a clean and inexpensive hotel that provide laundry service. I will spend a night or two and use their laundry service for a small fee. Upon checking out, I will have clean clothes to use for the following week.

It is also very important to know what type of clothes to wear and this applies to anywhere in the world. As tourists, we are ‘representatives’ or ‘ambassadors’ to our own country and keep our own good reputation by showing respect to one religion or culture of others. So, it is good to some ‘homework’ and know what to dress before visiting any country.

Travel Lock

Travel locks are another essential travel item. Not only will it prevent your stuff from theft, you can stay safe from a lot of trouble. Smugglers will take every advantage to stash drugs, weapons, or other dangerous items into any compartment of the baggage. If you noticed the baggage or the lock is broken, do alert the airport staff immediately before it is too late. Also, do lock the baggage when leaving the hotel.


Always wear a pair of shoes that suitable for walking or other outdoor activities. You might want to consider bringing an extra pair in case the shoes you are now wearing suddenly broke off. It will save you a lot of time and money to go shopping for a new pair when you are traveling.


The main items needed are body soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash kit, shaver, facial tissue, toilet tissue, and towel (if necessary). As for the ladies, you might want to include make-up kit too.

First Aid Kit

One of my backpack compartment is used as ‘first aid kit’ to keep pain relief patches (muscle ache), bandages (minor cuts and injury), Strepsils (sore throat) Panadol (headaches, fever, and flu), and anti-diarrhea meds.

Universal Adapter/ Chargers

Universal adapter always comes in handy when going on an overseas trip. Each country uses a different type of power socket. It is easy to plug and charge mobile phone and camera batteries with an adapter. You might want to bring a power bank as well in case the battery power is low in the middle of the day.

Travel Insurance

I always get basic travel insurance from AIG that provides travel assistance services such as overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, medical evacuation costs and damaged or delayed baggage.

Getting travel insurance can safeguard us at all times because incidents can happen at any time or anywhere during the trip. It is better to get one rather than spending tens of thousands of dollar if any accident occurred later when you are not covered.

Daily Medication

Never forget to bring any medication prescribed by your doctor for your entire trip. This will prevent getting ill and end up ruining the holiday fun. Remember to check with the security officer if need to declare on the medicine at the arrival hall.

Pack Well and Happy Traveling!!

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