Flying on Emirates A380

Welcome on-board.

The day has come once again as I embark on a new journey to Ireland for another adventure. Flying to Dublin via Dubai by Emirates Airline takes a total of 16 hours, 7.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai with its Airbus A380 and another 8 hours from Dubai to Dublin. There is one of the great experience I love to share about this superjumbo A380.

What makes the flight so special?

While unlike taking any ordinary aircraft, A380 is the world’s largest passenger airliner ever built up till today. It is a double-decker plane with four engines and has the capability to carry as least 400 passengers. The seating configuration is different for its upper-deck and lower deck on the Economy Class. Its lower deck is a 3-4-3 configuration, whereas the upper deck is 2-4-2 configuration.

Dubai International Airport has built a new terminal and upgrade its existing terminal to handle such huge aircraft and capacity. Emirates Airline itself has purchased more than 100 A380s, so the airport definitely needs to have such a larger airport to cope with the size of the planes and the number of passengers.

In Kuala Lumpur International Airport, an upgrade has been done in one of its gateway to allow passengers to board the Emirates Airline as well as Malaysia Airline’s A380.

Looking Inside A380

This will be my first time taking the superjumbo so I can not tell how comfortable the flight would be, but pretty excited. While arriving early at the airport, I was the first few passengers to check-in and wish to bounce to Business Class for free (by luck!) or use my Emirates Skywards Points. Taking more than a 7-hours flight to Dubai, 8-hours hangover for transit and another 8 hours to Dublin can be very exhausting and cause jet lag if there is not enough sleep. Unfortunately, the seats are fully taken after asking the airline crew for leftover seats.

When I entered into the upper deck of the plane, I was amazed by how grand the plane was on its interior design. The good news was my selected window seat is so spacious, for Economy Class with bigger legroom compared to 747 and got only 2 seats on the window side.

Window seat


Middle seats


I also have my own personal storage compartment next to the window that is only available on its upper deck, which give plenty of space to keep my passport, boarding pass, charger and handphone. There is so much room for me to lean on and have a good night sleep. It also has a big window that I can see the beautiful night view of Burj Khalifa before arriving at the airport. So I guess there is a no-need for an upgrade after all.






What I love is its state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system includes many movie selections, music options, kids games and even show ‘Live’ FIFA World Cup 2018 event on its ‘ice’ entertainment system. The screen below has two USB ports to charge my handphone

Watching Lara Croft (2018)



A380 comes with Wifi available for passengers to use when the plane is in the air. For a person like me who just want to keep in touch with my family and friends and surf Facebook and Instagram, 20 MB will be good enough for me. It is complimentary but only allows to use up to 2 hours. If others need to use extra data, they can purchase 150 MB or 500 MB. Both data plans have no time limit and can be used until the plane landed at the final destination.



The coolest part of the plane is its mood lighting system, specially designed and able changed color into blue, purple, light yellow and white to wake passengers up and adjust into the local time before the plane lands at Dubai International Airport.



Me having a wonderful experience on this A380, many thanks to the cool flight attendants who make my flight so comfy. And the next time if I want to travel anywhere around Europe, I will most likely choose this airline because of its excellent quality of service and friendliness of its crews. Thumb up!!

Me, Dave and Mel


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flying on emirates a380


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10 thoughts on “Flying on Emirates A380”

  1. This is truly an unbelievable plane with premium quality facilities. OMG…just look at how luxurious it is. Really wish I could board such a plane one day in my life. 😀


  2. The seat on Emirates A380 is so spacious and clean. I bet the passenger will have a good time flying on this flight. Tv and Food is best to kill time on plane.


  3. How awesome that you get to fly in the A380. It remains a dream for me right now. BTW, many of my traveller friends have only the best to say about Emirates. A380 or not, they are one of the top airlines to fly with.

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