Cruising on a Small Boat

Visit Komodo National Park is one of my top must-do lists in my lifetime. This national park consists of three larger islands called Komodo, Rinca and Padar and belong to the home of Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizard. It was also declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are plenty of other small islands and the choices to travel around are by boat, speedboat and yacht. So at last, I come across a tour operator named Indahnesia who offer a reasonable price at 2,050, 000 rupiah (USD $150). Just what need! Sitting on a slow boat allows me to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the islands, take plenty of photos and videos and would not get seasick at all. I don’t mind the small size of the boat or cabin but sure feels comfortable to sit and sleep.

The boat comes with basic facilities include onboard cabins with air conditioner that can fit up to 8 people, a toilet, kitchen, sundeck and first aid kit. During the 3 days 2 nights trip, we were provided with 7 meals (2 breakfasts, 3 lunch and 2 dinners), snacks, mineral water, coffee and tea. It also includes entrance fee to Komodo National Park, using the snorkeling gears and GoPro. The company also provide 2-way hotel or airport transfer. So, I can say it is value for money.

When arriving at the Meeting Point (as per itinerary), I meet up with my tour agent, Indah and she introduces the local guide, Jun along with the rest of the guests to me. The other guests are from Seattle, United States (1), Morocco (1) and Indonesia (5). When Jun took me and the other guests onto the boat, we were greeted and given a warm welcome by the captain of the boat, Taher and the rest of the crews, Frans, Raffy and Fausy.

We have cover many beautiful islands and stunning beaches which are Kanawa Island, Gili Lawa Barat, Komodo National Park, Manta Point, Namong Beach, Pink Beach, Kalong Island, Padar Island and Kelor Island.

We were well taken care throughout the entire trip. Our guide Jun is very organized with the trip and takes us to all places as in the itinerary. Captain Taher always ensure the safety of all the guests, his crews and of course, the boat. Our cook prepares different type of food, make sure we are well fed and suit well with my taste. The other two crews were very helpful too in a way that make sure the boat is kept clean, taught me how to snorkel and take us up trekking along Gili Lawa Barat and Padar Island

Thanks to the tour operator Indahnesia, the agent Indah and their entire boat crew for making it the most wonderful memory. Click here to read the full story on where I have visited and the photos of the amazing nature wonders of Labuan Bajo and Flores

If you are reading this and want to seek the same type of experience, I would highly recommend them to you. Visit their website, Indahnesia Tour for full details.



Upper Deck
Lower Deck
Delicious Meals

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22 Comments Add yours

  1. ina says:

    menariklah,dapat rasa suasana cemni. Lain dari lain.. deangan suasana yang tenang ni


    1. Come and enjoy the unique nature experience


  2. so nice..wonderful place..different with others place..tempat tidur not bad..mkanan pun boleh pergi ke??


    1. Yes of course. The boat can fit in 8 pax. Cost 2 million rupiah only around USD 200. Include all meals and entrance fee


  3. Tengkubutang says:

    wowww.. the amazing nature wonders of Labuan Bajo and Flores ..i wish i had the best experience like you too ..


    1. Do come. It is only an hour flight from Bali


  4. Kavitha says:

    Wow ..i love holiday specially to nature related. Gonna make plans with my friends to visit to this place!


    1. Have a wonderful trip ahead. Do check out on Labuan Bajo and Flores for more details


  5. nice view….nice place…will be wishlist..


    1. Do make your wish come true. The view is simply stunning


  6. nurul violet says:

    so cool place and good really loves this,, hope one day i should go to this place


    1. Put it on your travel bucketlist


  7. This place looks cool. Would you mind write about full itinerary and cost to travel there?


    1. I have written the place I visited on my 3-days trip, can look at Labuan Bajo and Flores post. Tour cost 2.05 million rupiah (USD200) and flight from Bali is cost around USD100. Hope this helps


  8. I remember when my friends cruise using a small boat, and it was high tide with waves, hahhaaha we are screaming, crying and laughing hard. Glad you had a fantastic time with your squad.


    1. Haha. Yes we had a great time there. Luckily for us, it rains only in the evening.


  9. Emily says:

    2,050, 000 rupiah is for one boat or one pax? How many people can the boat accommodate?


    1. The price is for 1 pax and it can fit up to 8 person


  10. seri wangi says:

    Very intresting and so nice place for holidah and trip


  11. Aliza Sara says:

    That looks like a lot of fun! Im sure you enjoyed your ‘endless journey’ to paradise. Wish i could have the same experience one day

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Lee Sharon says:

    Looks like an interesting quiet small island to visit! The group photo with the view is so pretty! The water is so clear too!


    1. Come visit the Pink Beach. The sand is really pink and very amazing


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