Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu or ‘KT’ in short, is the capital city of Terengganu. The state is dotted on the east coast surrounded by South China Sea and is blessed with some of the best pristine beaches in Malaysia.

Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is the capital of Kelantan, situated in the northernmost part of West Malaysia. The name Kelantan means ”land of lightning” in the Malay world and is often referred to as the “cradle of Malay culture”. It shared its border with the kingdom of Thailand, which makes this town a transit point between the two…

Johor Bharu

Johor Bahru commonly called “JB” by the locals, is the state capital of Johor. The city is situated in the southern Peninsula Malaysia and separated by a causeway to the neighboring Singapore. Many heritage buildings had been preserving their legacy and some had taken a breath of new life through rejuvenation. These century-old lanes were…

Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to My Own Backyard Say ‘Hello’ to Kuala Lumpur, the place where I grew up and live in. This is the capital and one of the three federal territories in Malaysia. The city’s name literally means “Muddy Confluence” due to its location near the place where the river of Klang and Gombak intersect.